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Assistance in selecting a destination for travel if you have not already chosen one. We will also recommend resorts we feel best suit your interests, budget and travel dates. 

We will obtain group quotes from our preferred suppliers, and provide you with a detailed quote sheet including price, as well as any “perks” available for your group.

Once you’ve chosen your resort, we will handle reserving your wedding date and time, before any travel arrangements are made.

We will forward ceremony packages as received from the onsite wedding coordinator. Should you require assistance with choosing a package, deciding on venue options, reviewing menu plans, or more extensive pre and post planning assistance, please see our comprehensive “concierge” plans.

We ensure you are aware of the documentation requirements for legal ceremonies in the destination you’ve chosen.

We will provide you with a toll-free number as well as an email for your guests to contact us for questions, and make arrangements to join your group.

We will provide you with a personalized wedding webpage, as well as an online booking form for your guests which includes all pertinent travel details and resort information.

We will assist non-local guests in securing reservations to join your group, regardless of their home base!

We will forward you an updated rooming list at regular intervals as guests confirm their attendance.

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All of the inclusions from the “Complimentary Services”, plus the following…

Up to 15hrs of wedding planning, research and consultations.

2 in-office or Skype planning sessions to discuss your wedding events, including all aspects of planning your ceremony and reception, as well as any extra events you would like to arrange.

Converse with the local wedding vendors on your behalf should you prefer, saving you the stress of a potential language barrier. Think of me as your “cultural wedding translator”.

Discuss the venue options for ceremonies, and provide assistance selecting a location based on your vision for your day. Advise you of the potential pros and cons of each based on your group demographics. Once decided, we will confirm your ceremony venue, help with paperwork if required, and forward any required necessary deposits on your behalf.

Create and send an electronic invite/save the date to your guests emails, linked to your wedding webpage for details that will allow us to track RSVP’s. We’ll send you the RSVP list once per week, if changed.

Provide guidance and suggestions for your reception, including but not limited to: choosing a location, discussing private versus semi-private events, review menu plans, collect & arrange for allergy or dietary requirements from your guests, discuss optional upgraded décors, music, photography and floral choices, and confirm those decisions with the vendors in destination.

We can suggest and help co-ordinate any pre or post events, such as welcome parties, rehearsal events, group tour excursions, or farewell brunches.

Regularly check pricing on your group departure in order to apply the one-time price adjustment, if offered by your supplier and applicable to your group.

Assist you with controlling the budget by providing money saving tips in regards to ceremony & reception, decoration, flowers, etc.

Provide a fully customized itinerary for you and your guests, including not only the required travel information, but also travel tips, dress codes, and any optional excursions or pre and post events you have planned for the week.

Include with your documents a detailed spreadsheet showing all confirmed aspects of your ceremony and reception to bring to your onsite meeting, including final cost. You can rest assured everything will be in order when you arrive.

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All of the FREE services AND the Wedding Concierge services, PLUS the following…

Up to 40hrs of wedding planning, research and consultations.

Unlimited in-office or Skype appointments to plan the wedding of your dreams.

A dedicated Facebook group for you and your guests, with regular updates on your location, photos, video, travel tips and more. *

Shared Pinterest board to discuss your ideas for decor, flowers & unique ideas to personalize your wedding.

Provide you with our preferred vendor links for the best local and in-destination photographers, as well as links to reliable suppliers for paper invitations, discount decor items & favors.

Mail each guest a personalized luggage tag for your group departure.

Guest “Door Hangers” for the morning after your wedding, for each room booked.

Assistance and creation of a seating chart for your group reception. (Private receptions only)

Special document with tipping guidelines for your wedding vendors.

Pre-departure cocktail party (2-3 weeks before your departure) where guests can pick-up their tickets, ask travel related questions, enjoy beverages, cultural snacks and door prizes for resort/travel swag. A great chance to mix & mingle with others in the group before departure!

Airport Send Off: Meet your group at the airport on your day of departure, assist guests with check-in, verify luggage allowances, answer guest inquiries, and provide each guest with a “Happy Flight Kit” which includes flight-friendly snacks and useful items for onboard.*

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title="Section 4" tab_id="1561297077822-f848e6b5-48bf"][eltdf_section_title dots="yes" position="" title_tag="" disable_break_words="no" image="" title="A la carte"][vc_column_text css=".vc_custom_1561391168994{padding-top: 50px !important;padding-right: 35px !important;padding-bottom: 50px !important;padding-left: 35px !important;}"]If you don't need a full planning package but need help determining projected wedding costs before committing to a location? Or, would you like to add a few special touches to your group departure? Check out these options that can be added to your complimentary or concierge packages.

Mix and match, choose what services you like.


Wedding Budget Assistance & Breakdown - $50

Price compare wedding package costs for your top three locations, based on your estimated number of guests, and desire for semi-private or private reception dinner. (A great way to get a good idea how much your wedding day will cost!)

Electronic Save the Date Management - $25

Create and send your guest list an electronic invite, that will allow us to manage your group RSVP's. Updated RSVP list will be sent to you once per week, if anything changes.

Social Media Group Teasers - $50

Create a dedicated Facebook group for you and your guests, with regular updates on your location, photos, video, travel tips and more!

Event Design - $150

Work with you to create the overall look and/or theme for your wedding. Create a wedding inspiration/mood board, shared Pinterest board, and table design including two mock-ups with linen options and centerpiece options.

Personalize your Wedding $75 (up to 50 guests, add $10 for groups over $50)

Mail personalized luggage tags and "morning after" door knockers to your group.

Wedding Welcome Bag Creation - $30 (plus cost of bag items)

Assist you with creating wedding welcome bags for your guests. You provide me with a budget for each bag, and I'll provide you with a list of suggested items based on your location, and will provide you with one sample of a finished bag.

Airport Send Off - $200 or $140 with basic concierge plan

Meet your group at the airport on your day of departure, assist guests with check-in, verify luggage allowances, answer guest inquiries, and provide each guest with a "Happy Flight Kit" which includes flight-friendly snacks and useful items for onboard.

On-Site Wedding Coordination - $150 per day, plus travel costs

Accompany you and your group to your destination wedding location. Attend your onsite meeting with the local coordinator, reconfirm all vendor arrangements, assist with group functions, provide guests customer relations, provide a wedding-day emergency kit, and be on hand for any questions, concerns or issues that may arise.


Toes in Sand, Worry-Free Wedding Planning

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