You Said "Yes" 
to a Destination Wedding

Where Do 
You Begin?

What you really need to do FIRST is discover the perfect wedding style & location that fits with your personalities. Then you can avoid all the confusion and stress of trying to figure out where to start & who to trust so that planning your wedding is easy AND fun!

The First 5 Steps

Set Your Budget

We suggest you set a budget for your wedding festivities, as well as a budget for your travel arrangements. Keep in mind that most weddings will be priced in US funds, and travel will be in CAD funds.

Decide Who to Invite

You don’t need to have a final confirmed list, but we recommend doing up a quick draft as this gives us a rough estimate of how many guests you can expect. This will be helpful when choosing a location, and working within your wedding budget. As a general guideline, we find most couples have 50-60% of invitees confirm.

Choose a Ceremony Type

Do you want a legal wedding, religious, or symbolic? Do you know the difference? Keep in mind previously married couples, or some Spanish speaking destinations will require extra documentation which will incur extra fees. If you are thinking of a Catholic wedding, know that not all properties can offer a Chapel sanctioned by the Church. Plus, you’ll want sufficient time to complete your pre-wedding classes and be aware religious weddings are not considered legal in many Southern locations..

Think of Wedding Style

Are you a laid back, toes-in-sand kind of couple? Do you want to WOW your guests with extra events and amazing add-ons? Do you want your wedding to be eclectic & one-of-a-kind? Thinking about a theme? What are your favourite colours? Are you foodies? Have a favourite past time or hobby you’d like to incorporate?


Create a list of “MUST” haves, and a list of “WOULD LIKE TO” haves. For instance, are you inviting children? If so, then a family friendly resort & venue are a must. Is your group big on dancing? Yes? Then you likely will want to add an on-site disco to that must-have list. Think swim-up bars are fun? If it’s not going to ruin the experience without, then this could go on the would-like-to-have list. The more details you have on your list, the easier it will be to find the perfect fit.

Choose the Right Specialist

Part of having a seemless wedding experience is ensuring you can trust your planner, and know that you're both on the same page. We find our services are best suited for couples who;
Are open minded
Want value over lowest price
Appreciate expert guidance 
Have realistic expectations
Are closed minded or negative
Only consider price
Distrust/Doubt the experts
Have unrealistic expectations

Decide on a Plan


Are you a "Type A" personality and organization is your middle name? This might be the best choice for you!


Does the thought of planning all the details and not knowing where to start cause you stress? This might be for you!


Want an over the top experience with extra inclusions and the confidence to show up  with everything ready for you? 


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Toes in Sand, Worry-Free Wedding Planning

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